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Yeah whatever... - 64%

Snxke, January 28th, 2005

So Eric Peterson decides to make a solo record and comes up with one of the strangest projects in the metal scene to date. Why anyone in a band that has found a massive amount of success in recent days with amazing records like "The Gathering" (I'm actually not even a fan of the early thrash years) would create such a pompous project that shows that the man a)knows nothing about black metal and b)would sell out his rather high street credibility on such a goofy record. Sure, the band here collects all sorts of great musicians (guys from Sadus and such) and the production job is meaty as fuck...but this is just silly as hell. The riffs actually manage to be brutal in places and Eric doesn't sound so bad on the mic but the keyboards are so fucking annoying it's painful. I can't even say that many of the songs are memorable beyond the initial moment of impact. It's like Dimmu with twice as much balls, and half as much brains. I can't say that the combination is totally a winning one...

The opening "Unholyvoid" might have been more powerful had Eric dropped the keys. "Judgement Failed" has some rather powerful riffing as well. Sadly, other songs like "Tradition and Fire" and "Rapture" are just dripping with so much dumb melodrama that it's hard not to elicit a chuckle from the audience. The songcraft here is a notch above Dimmu - but there is nary a definative hook to be found. It's not horrible...but I'm not going to remember a note of this when it's done. Unlike "Funeral Fog"...this just don't catch me beyond a riff here or there. This isn't as perfectly crafted as recent Testament...nor is the drama anyhow convincing.

Many people will love this for the rampant brutality despite the keyboards...but the project seems about as intelligent and sincerely evil as the Munsters. Eric Peterson is a proffessional, and this record sounds proffessional...but in the end it's nothing special nor will you be playing this again and again and again.

If you must have anything Testament related or want a band that sounds like Dimmu with more testicles and less brain cells...this is for you.