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Good Black/Thrash - 85%

Chuckus, July 11th, 2004

This album really is shows that some side project can be worthwhile.

The line up is basically Testament without Chuck Billy and with Keyboards. With Peterson singing a black metal rasp whats produced is some quite enjoyable black/thrash metal. The riffs are typical brilliant thrash riff from Peterson with the keyboards and the singing giving it that black metal feel(even a few blast beats!!!!!). What follows is some enjoyable listening which while not the most creative or dynamic is still good quality metal.

The intro is a nice piano peice that leads into the riff onslaught of Unholyvoid, which for me is a stand out track. Tradition and Fire is another great song full of riffs and blasts however after here the album stumbles. The following two tracks Born to Darkness and Judgement Failed while both good dont really add any new elements, this is forgiven though with the final three tracks finishing the album on a good note.

One complaint is that in parts the keyboards tend to dominate with cheesy lines and runs. All in all this is a nice little package which i think could be used as intro to people who havent heard much black metal and also a good listen for Testament fans.