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Amazing?! HA!! - 19%

SnowVixen, June 5th, 2004

Remember Nitro? Their gimmick was "the fastest, loudest, highest sound around"... yeah, I think that's what these kids are going for. This faux power metal, to most people, is "blisteringly fast" and has "amazing solos", but that's only if you try to keep up and confuse yourself.

Yes, the guitars might be incredibly fast, but they're fast like Emperor's... no substance, the same riffing through the entirety of the 6+ minute song (excepting the solos, of course). The lead guitar seems backed by the keys at numerous points, obviously to cover up errors on the guitarist's part, and the solos get redundant after the second 2-3 minute set of them. Certainly nothing amazing, or even worth mention, if you've heard any of the shredders of the late 80's. The guitar tone itself is simply obnoxious, making some of the worst noises I've ever heard.

The bass is non-existant, the drums triggered and the keys your standard lazor sound. Overall there is nothing to this band except their speed, and in reality, their music reeks of "amateur". It also reeks of "studio band". I am 99% certain this band would fall flat on their faces live, and after watching a live performance of theirs I have been proven correct through their sheer inability to play their own material.

The vocals are standard mid-range power metal vocals with an annoying occasional warble. The vocalist only seems to know two melodies: The Generic Power Metal Song and The Sea-Shanty. Yeah, there's the occasional ballad... there's one on every power metal album. Who cares. Moving on!

Overall, this band has no substance and make me think of three bands:
Nitro, Emperor and Hammerfall.
Combining the speed of Nitro, the deceptively simple writing of Emperor and the pop sensibility of Hammerfall, we get DragonForce. Is that a good thing? To the kids, maybe. To me, definitely not. This album bores me to tears within the first 3 tracks... and in listening to the rest of the album, it seems to be the same song rehashed over and over again.

The length of that song is definitely one issue. 7-8 minute songs are alright if they do something, but when it's the same repetitious (though fast!) riffing for 3 minutes with a 5 minute meandering solo slapped on the end, it does get a little mind-numbing... and the urge to hit that stop butting grows ever higher.

I guess mindless wankfests, slapped atop generic power metal, played as rapidly as possible in the hope that I won't notice the genericism or lack of ability in it just aren't my thing.