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Wow...How annoying. - 10%

Rhapsorizon, March 25th, 2007

When the opening track started to unfold upon my aural senses, I was expecting mastery. As the song opened, it turned into a rather fast song with rhythms accompanied by drums somewhat akin to that of Rhapsody's generic sound, only the soloing is fast...And that's basically it. The music from there on, consists of basically 3 elements: Generic drumming, annoying vocals, and incessantly hyperactive guitar-playing with no particular style, with the exception of "Dawn Over a New World," which was just as annoying as the other songs, only slow, with a piano and some accoustic guitars (Oooo no fucking way!).

I thought, initially, that perhaps the instrumental wankery may cease to retain presence on the disc after the first track, but I was horrifically mistaken. It sticks to the inside of your ears for the whole 56 minutes.

Basically, what you hear in track number 1 is just cut, repeated and recylced into every single other song. The only differences between every song are different lyrics and the tempo (which most are in the bracket of 140-220 bpm anyway). Other than those two things, every song, basically, is just a repeated version of track 1.

"Oh Chris, you should check out DragonForce! They are fucking crazy, you will love them."

I want to find the person who said that to me so long ago, and behead him with the edge of a brick.

There is no bass in this album. None whatsoever. I don't know why the bassist is in the album, you can't even hear him; all you can hear is annoying mid-range girly vocals, excessively and incessantly fast drums, ridiculous and repetative solos and a whole hell-load of wank.

And the GUITARISTS! It gets absolutely ridiculously annoying how Herman and his gay little pal, Sam Titman, have wank-sex in every set of recording or live performance, rather than actually sit down and play some worthy melodies, or play some slow, stylish solos. You'd think for such a "well-rounded" and "talented" band, they might actually place some songs...But no, just like every group of trend-setting power-metal bands, they are speedy, wanky and generic.

I gave this album 10 points, because in one track, "Dawn Over a New World," they decided to deviate from the mindless wankery and actually play a song (even though it basically has the same melody structure of every single other song) that doesn't sound like a bunch of suzuki-trained guitarists, keyboardists and drummers trying to have a jerking competition.

These guys have speed and skill, and that's basically all they have going for them. It just sucks that they aren't musical or talented in any way. God, what an annoying album.

Don't waste your money on this hog shit, it's not worth a fucking fart. Put your wallet back in your pocket and go to another store. This is crap.