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A preview of things to come - 75%

kd, November 30th, 2003

This album/compilation is pretty good. It features promo and demo material from DISSECTION along with SATANIZED's rehersal tapes all on one CD. Musically, this CD is great, but the Ther Somberlain demo tracks don't capture the enery that their first full-length did. This CD shows you the ideas that they had for the first album, but in a sort of infantile way...this is mainly due to the production that doesn't capture the sound nearly as well as The Somberlain. SATANIZED's tracks I'm guessing were recorded with a boombox at a reheral? It certainly sounds that way The highlight of this would have to be the The Somberlain preview tracks(which were of course re-recorded) are the highlight of this album. If you're just start out with Dissection, I wouldn't recommend starting with this album. Start off with their first full-length, The Somberlain, then get Storm of the Light's Bane. If you get this before the following albums, you might not fully appreciate the genius of DISSECTION. Over all a good package, compotent musically and artistically, but as I said before, the production kills that. It's a nice piece to add to the seasoned DISSECTION fan's collection.