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The Grief Prophecy - A rather good first attempt. - 78%

Zaranheim, September 16th, 2003

The Grief Prophecy, like the large demos' majority, have a rather reduced recording's quality (But we saw quite worse elsewhere). Technically the instrumental control is already there although the music, and especially the vocals, are much closer to the loud swedish Death Metal of this time than that of the future Dark Metal developed. But, although technical quality and originality are both quite the least than those obtained in the future albums, this demo is far from being stripped of a certain charm and is even of a real musical value. In fact, it is a musical work that all true Dissection's fan will be done a duty, if not a pleasure, to listen.

It is important to note that the songs present in this demo will never be taken again on an album.

Line up :
Jon Nödtveidt - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Mattias "Mäbe" Johansson - Rhytm Guitar
Peter Palmdahl - Bass
Ole Öhman - Drums