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A Classic Metal Song - 99%

Lord_Deathrot, July 27th, 2010

While following up such a classic song as "Holy Diver" was a near impossible task to achieve; Dio did this and so much more with "Rainbow In The Dark". This is the ultimate anthem for somebody feeling down and outcast; and Dio himself offers, as usual, astounding vocal chops.

From the moment those keyboards begin, o those keyboards! Quite possibly some of the best keys in metal, and they are played by RJD himself with such skill and simplicity but rendering such epic-ness. The guitar solo is top-notch here also; this is not just a metal song, its a HEAVY METAL song, and thats what makes it so classic. It's raw, inspiring, soaring Dio at their finest, and the main man at his top of form. He may have been short, but he had a hell of a lot of voice in him.

It's songs like this; and "Holy Diver", that define old school metal from its heyday; riddled with fantastical lyrics, epic musicianship and all round perfect Dio. Every time I hear this song I' am reminded of the massive legacy he has left with his recent passing. Long live Dio! \m/!