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Some Fillers - But Dio Still Rocks.... - 90%

Shredder, August 20th, 2003

Ronnie James Dio's vocals are noting short of awesome in this release. He seemed to be tripping a bit in 'Magica' but on 'Killing the Dragon' - Ronnie is back to his good ol' self - his vocals are in tip top shape here. They havent been this good since 'Holy Diver' in simple terms. That said, there are a few filler tracks such as 'Push' which sounds very generic, as well as the solo, and Rock and Roll, which is mind-boggoling slow! But the guitars of most tracks are amazing! The new guitarist Dio has aqquired (i forget his name already!) is not short of mezmarizing. The two best songs of this CD, track one and two (Killing the Dragon & Along Comes A Spider) are supplied with simply killer guitar riffs! Listen to the solo's - you will see what I mean. The blistering solos are awesome! Lets not forget the rythmn section. The bass isnt all that great, but its there. The drums are another story. They are real awesome. What Lars Ulrich could have done after the Justice Album. Included on this disc are some live tracks Ronnie did with Deep Purple, which are pretty good. All in All - this is an AWESOME comeback with for a metal god. With the exception of a few fillers - this rocks!