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Great live album, a must have for Dio fans - 80%

Metalwontdie, June 27th, 2009

When this live album was recorded Dio was into his sixtieth year, his performance is great especially since he is so old and still touring like a mad man, but his voice isn't in top form on all the songs. Evil Or Divine: Live in New York while being quite good especially for a live album doesn’t really have any songs that haven’t been on previous compilations or live albums by Dio except for some newer material from Magica and Killing the Dragon. The production is top notch and really makes this album shine, and the rest of the members are on the top of their game as well. Many of Dio’s more speed metal oriented songs on here are even faster live especially We Rock.

The problems with this album sadly are partly because of Dio while for the most part he does these classics justice, you can tell his voice isn’t what it used to be. Again the track listing is also a flaw the Rainbow and Black Sabbath songs have been played live enough and it would have been better if he pulled out some more classic Dio songs. King of Rock and Roll, Strange Highways, Lock Up The Wolves, and Sacred Heart are just some of Dio’s classics that I would have enjoyed much more on this album. Another problem is that Evil Or Divine relies too much on material from Killing The Dragon which was a disappointing release, and worse not even the best songs off that album are even present. Unfortunately the main reason why Evil Or Divine relies so heavily on Killing The Dragon because this album was recorded from that tour.

The album highlight is certainly Doug Aldrich’s excellent 9 minute solo which has multiple styles like blues, shred, classic metal, and even a hint of neo-classical metal throughout its duration. Overall a great live album that is quite enjoyable to listen to. The best songs are Egypt/Children of the Sea (A great mix of both songs), Don’t Talk to Strangers, the Guitar Solo, and We Rock. I recommend this album to fans of Dio and any fan of classic metal looking for a good live album.

-6 points Dio’s somewhat erratic performance
-7 Track listing could have been much better
-7 Relies too much on material from Killing The Dragon