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Top Stuff! (Dissection i mean) - 90%

Cwn_Annwn, February 15th, 2004

Even though this is in the Dimmu Borgir discography, Dissections live performance is easily better because of their supreme tightness compared to Dimmu's muffled noise.

Dimmu start off with Mourning Palace which isn't too bad but the sound quality of the whole video is terrible, it sounds like the sound was recorded with the home video camera that recorded it. So. Dimmu charge along playing an assortment of songs, with a few highlights here and there eg. Spellbound By The Devil, the last part of Dødsferd and the intro to Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen.
But in general, they stuff up a fair bit and the sound quality is TERRIBLE, the interviews are pretty funny especially with Astennu, the Australian lead guitarist at the time, and as a representative of our great country...
I am ashamed! The norwegian guys speak better english than him!
"i think we're playing, umm, much much betterer, umm, arr,..."

Anyway, then after the incredibly shithouse irrelevant film-clip for Mourning Palace which tends to loop the footage of a plane crashing into the water and some old bloke over and over again. (what that has to do with the lyrics to Mourning Palace, i'll never know) Then onto Dissection...

The sound quality is still shithouse but the overall tightness of the band make it sound a hell of a lot better, so they go off and play some awesome songs and have little interviews inbetween the tracks etc etc. and in all are a lot better than Dimmu when it comes to playing live, shame they sent Jon to jail.