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Surprised. Both positive and negative - 80%

Svarthavid, April 8th, 2009

Dimmu Borgir, a band bashed and criticised for it’s mainstream approach, both here on the encyclopaedia metallum and in the metal community in genral. By foreigners of course. Here in Norway, Dimmu is much less insulted than internassionally. When I bump into a Norwegian metalhead, and ask what kind of music they listen to, Dimmu Borgir is a band most of them comes up with, me among them.

Enough talk and on to the review. This DVD surprised me both positive and negative. The positive was that there is lots of live footage here, and since I think Dimmu kick major ass live, this was almost like a dream come true.

Well, the negative, Shagrath. Most of the time, his growls sound tired. He needs more exersise. But don’t be too afraid, I have heard much worse.

The musicianship is most of the time great. Tony Laureano’s drums are extremely triggered. It sounds a bit annoying, but other than that, Galder, Silenoz, Mustis and of course, ICS Vortex does a relatively good job. Espesually the latter, but I have heard him do better. Just checkout earlier Dimmu bootlegs.

The graphics, I really can’t comment on, since I’m blind. according to the other reviewers here, it sounded OK to me.
The last thing I’m gonna complain about. From Stormblåst 2005 and onwards, they decided to tune down the guitar a whole note. I’m maybe a sound fetishist here, but the melodies become very different when you do such a thing, but fortunately, it didn’t butcher anything. Although it was a bit unescesary, since most of the time, Dimmu is black metal, and clean vocals are seldom used. and Vortex isn’t falling from grace either like *cough James Hetfield*.

Disc 1 features the concert from Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway. It also includes some songs from Berlin and London. The main show here from Norway is very good, although the production could have been louder. They play many great songs here such as Spellbound, Progenies of the great apocalypse, Råbjørn speider draugheimens skodde, among others. They played only three songs from In Sorte Diaboli, which was a good surprise. Another cool thing is that they use lots of effects on Shagrath’s voice, although many will maybe find this sounding gay. They are of course closing the show with Dimmu’s most overrated song ever, mourning Palace. They always do that. The songs from London and Berlin was a nice feature. It’s always good to hear Puritania and Blessings upon the throne of tyranny, since they have seldom been played in the last few years. Espesually the latter, because Mustis added some new symphonic parts to it, which sounded great. Puritania sounded a bit weird though, because it seems like they have rerecorded the cyber vocals or something, making them sound like a man trying to imitate a robot or something. I got a good laugh there. Oh, they also included some bonus material, which is so so. I’m not really into such things.

Disc 2 features the show from the infamous Wacken Open air festival in Wacken, Germany, some songs from the P3 sessions, and some videos there just to fill up the DVD. The Wacken show is quite similar to the Oslo show, although with more crowd and some songs which they didn’t play in Oslo. An equally good concert. The videos I won’t comment, since you most certainly have seen them on Youtube a thousand times before.

Disc 3 is a CD which is recorded live at the P3 sessions at NRK studio 19, Oslo, Norway. Many of you will maybe comment on why the fuck the crowd reaction is so bad, and why it feels like it’s only about 60 people present there. It’s because P3 is a well known Norwegian radio channel, and the show was originally broadcasted there, so the studio can’t hold more than that. I also think that they are not allowed to stand up, for some weird reason. Isn’t that a big reason to go to a concert? To stand up and headbang till you bleed? The show is also a good one,again very similar to the two previous ones. And Shagrath put up his best vocal performance here, and even Tony’s drums aren’t so mega-triggered.

I recommend you to buy it, although it’s not the ultimate Dimmu Borgir live experience. If you want a real killer performance, try to aquire the Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands bootleg. But it’s well worth your money.