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Diamond Head's Pyromania - 35%

Metal_Thrasher90, May 30th, 2010

Diamond Head’s third album demonstrates how influential Def Leppard’s Pyromania was. For most of us, the hardcore metal maniacs, that album was just a blasphemy againts the nwobhm (and the bitter end of Def Leppard’s promising sound). But as you can check in this album, it meant more than that and more important for their genre mates. It was so sad to see how each nwobhm band followed the glam fashion trend of Motley Cure, Poison, Twisted Sister and co., instead of paying attention to the rising crushing power of thrash by that time. Beware this record was released in...1983!! When the nwobhm reached the top! “All For One”, “Power And The Glory”, “Piece Of Mind”,...but here we have Diamond Head throwing their talent away.

About the songs, I would only highlight “Makin’ Music”, “Out Of Phase” and the irresistible catchy “One More Night”, but they’re all faaar away from the original glorious sound of early Diamond Head, anyway. In fact if I didn’t notice before that the album cover said “Diamond Head”, I would swear it was Def Leppard the band who recorded this album. If you don’t believe me listen to “I Need Your Love”, for example. It sounds (or attempts to sound) like a 80’s pop super-hit with no success. So sad how the randy funny lyrics of “Sucking My Love” have become a romantic empty poem in this new tune.

But yeah, there are better moments in this album, just a few, with “To The Devil His Due” or “Knight Of The Swords”, that include better lyrics, but there’s a lack of passion in their sound. I just wonder where was the aggression, power and raw sound they used to play. The whole album, summarised in one sentence sounds like boring, weak and shameful rock-pop, including cheesy keyboards, a background choir who seems to came from the 60’s and sounds like The Chordettes, gay drum effects (sometimes electronic sounding) and a deeble production.

The rest of the tracks..ohh oh..what can I say about “The Kingmaker” and “Ishmael”? so hard for me to say this, because I’m an avid fan of this band but they’re both abysmal, horrible...the worst couple of songs they’ve ever made, shame for the nwobhm. I thought I picked up a wrong cd the first time I listened to them. “Is this reeeally Diamond Head??”, I asked myself. So ridiculous how they try to get an arabic nice sound and the choir is simply awful. And in the title-track the use a,but it won’t save them from mediocrity, the final result of this album is too poor for a band like them.

In conclusion, this album is nothing special at all. It’s better to forget about it, seriously. Fortunately, most of our nwobhm heroes realized of their mistake and went back to theri genuine heavy sound (except of course...ehm that band you all know...) and seemed they tell us “sorry” for such records like this with their new stuff.