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What??? - 28%

meedley_meedley, December 14th, 2004

This is nonsense! How is it that this band, who made such classics like "Helpless", "Am I Evil", and "The Prince" (all of which were covered by Metallica, but the originals are oh so much better) could make this... classic rock... album??? Now, I have no problem with classic rock at all, but not when it's coming from one of the most underrated pioneers of NWOBHM.

Basically, this is very light classic rock. There's no trace of metal. It's very upbeat but is just not anything that one could stand for very long. What happened to "AM I EVIL? YES I AM!!!" and that epic solo. That's another thing, solo's are very scarce here. And they dont save the music. The vocalist doesnt even sound like he's a metal singer stuck in a classic rock band, for he fits right in.

Makin' Music is alright, but like before, is just light rock. Kinda boring.

Out of Phase sucks. It's too poppy and fucking light! Gimme some To Heaven From Hell or Sucking My Love!!! ARGH

The Kingmaker is a weird song. It just makes no sense. The chords are just not right. I dont even know what to make of this one.

One More Night... OH MY GOD. This is horrible, even by classic rock standards. This is something you'd find on some 80's teen movie during the end credits. CRAP!

This isnt even good classic rock, as I'm beginning to notice as i review this album more and more....

To The Devil His Due. Don't let the cool title fool you, it's more madness by this on and a half time awesome metal band. I really dont understand it. I can't even go on. This hurts my ears.

By now you've understood that this is really not even metal, and barely ranks as classic rock. I would barely even recommend this, unless you find it for free or something, or someone gives it to you and asks for nothing in return. I really wouldnt pay hard earned money for this, instead save up for the amazing releases to come for next year like Priest, Kreator, Hammerfall, Testament, etc... You get the idea. This cd is DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!