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This guy simply screams : I'm an insane fucker! - 90%

HowlingMoon666, January 5th, 2013

It's hard to find a definition of this music, but one thing is certain: this is the kind of music that should be played along the corridors of an asylum. Mr.Doctor is as insane as mysterious. Full stop.

This one-song album is creepy. It's like the soundtrack to a old, horror movie. Every single note of it breeds insanity, mental problem, uneasiness. It's a trip to the utmost thoughts of a man on the edge of insanity. But it's good. Mr.Doctor is a musical genius indeed. This guy is a myth. He is also called The man with a thousand voices, and after listening to this album you will prove him right. I thought that Sopor Aeternus is the most mind-fucking band in the world, until I heard of Devil Doll. What impresses the listener is the versatility of this album. There are several changes of mood (but they all remain insane). It's like an entire orchestra playing for it. Piano, violins, guitars, keyboards... It's certain that Devil Doll's music is progressive.

The girl who was...Death is a musical masterpiece. A creepy, odd as fuck masterpiece. What impressed me was the balladesque part of this huge song. It is one of the most incredible tunes ever heard. Melodic and very, very moody. I wish that was a stand-alone song. Mr.Doctor is without doubt utterly insane. But a musical genius also. Even if you don't like it, it's something in the oddness of his voice that makes you listen to it. I found this guy fascinating. Burning the records to make them fewer, pressing one single fucking piece of "The Mark of the Beast", which by the way I don't see it in the discography, not to mention the fact that he was like a fucking ghost. Even his name was unknow. This guy should seriously consider doing music with Anna Varney. They would understand each other perfectly.

Devil Doll are not split-up. Mr.Doctor continues to make music and there are a lot of Devil Doll albums, but he said that he is not going to release them. Devil Doll deserves to be listened. It's a masterpiece. I'm not urging you into buying it, because as far as I'm concerned every Devil Doll album is ultra-rare. If you have it, then keep it and cherish it. Or just sell it. But for a huge sum.

Not that great - 73%

shantanupatni1991, May 4th, 2009

Devil Doll is a project by Mr. Doctor which has received a decent amount of popularity and acclaim over the years. This release, his first one, came way back in 1989. And considering the year, I should give a 100 for its high level of experimentation right away. But then, there are some flaws and since you probably already know the pros, I’ll try to focus on the negatives.

First of all, the genre, it’s more symphonic ambient than anything. Composing 1 song of 66 minutes for only that isn’t the best of ideas if you ask me. The song simply alternates between instrumental sections and lyrical parts. The instrumental sections fail to keep you interested since they are loaded with atmosphere rather than riffs or any actual written music. The parts where he sings, he only does that with a simple piano tune running behind for 5 odd minutes, which again makes it a little boring.

What I’m saying is, that the arrangements, time signatures, tempos and the overall song structure don’t have anything worth praising. It’s all just like a terribly dragged horror movie score. Another shocking point to be noted is that there are absolutely no acoustic passages and hardly any distorted guitars. Basically, there’s a very low amount of ‘metal’ to be found. If you are the kind of person who is satisfied just with an orchestral feel, this one is for you, but if you’re looking for some progressive metal, you’ll be disappointed.

Inescapable Divine Madness!! - 100%

Lord_Tyr, December 10th, 2008

Eerie music begins to echo through the halls of the castle. Who turned the lights off? Eyes flicker in the darkness! Someone's watching me! Madness descends from above, covering my pale body with a cloak of obtuse darkness. Voices! I hear voices! Angelic and sweet, yet twisted and tormented persuading me to join them in their anguish. A shapeless shadow chases me unceasingly as I rush through the halls, trying to escape the confines of this place. The tension crescendos to the vertex, until I hope my heart will burst and collapse, allowing at least my soul to perhaps escape! But only a sudden silence greets me, so dense it chokes and gags my senses. The chase resumes, as my soul flees through the endless gulfs of Hades, into the deepest ravines where a scorching fire dances and rages...

Will this nightmare ever end? Can something that never had a beginning ever end? Yet, I derive an unexplainable pleasure from it. Do I really want it to end? The haunting keyboards that make my spine shiver! The mellifluous violins that threaten to rip my soul from my body! The paranoid voices in my head, urging me to run and stay still at the same time! The dulcet guitar tones that feed my hungry spirit! Thundering drums, like footfalls of giants, that force me look over my shoulder! The sweet silence of death approaching! Nay! If this is madness, then in madness I shall dwell for the rest of eternity, for time shall never dare show its face here!

The girl who was...Death is an astonishing album! The mysterious Mr. Doctor presents us with an eclectic masterpiece, which hooks us and compels us to revisit it again and again. The central theme is based on an episode of the same name from the Television series “The Prisoner”, who fights to stave of the numerous attempts on his life. We are treated to a kaleidoscopic mixture of the piano, electric guitars and violins, where each of them alternatively takes the task of providing the rhythm and the lead parts. My particularly favorite section begins at 9 minutes which includes a blitzkrieg violin solo. The vocals too deserve a special mention, as they range from lunatic whispers to high pitched shrieks!

The lengthy running time only adds a strange aura to the atmosphere and there never is a dull moment throughout the song. I strongly recommend this album for anyone who wishes to explore new realms of music and adores eccentricity and paranoia!

I Don't Know What The Fuck This Is...But It's Good - 96%

elfo19, July 28th, 2008

Someone may call this progressive rock or progressive metal. It sure is progressive, but not what you would call progressive rock, or progressive metal. Progressive rock is something like Rush or Porcupine Tree. This doesn't sound like that. Progressive metal is something like Symphony X or Opeth. This doesn't sound like that. In fact, I have no idea what this sounds like. This is the most bizarre, freakish, insane, frightening, twisted, and strangest music I have ever heard. This is coming from someone who likes bands like Mr. Bungle, and Primus. Those may be weird, but this is most certainly the strangest music ever recorded.

There is no possible way to possible describe this album in words, but perhaps I can try. Imagine a piano tinkling out a frightening, and simple melody. Then try to imagine, if you can, a man singing in the most bizarre style you have ever heard. His voice varies from high-pitched wavering speaking, and low pitched growling. He rarely sings but rather practices some strange form of talking pitches. No I am not lying, that's what he rarely does. Then imagine swooping violins, overlayed but guitars playing metal riffs and then...oh what's the use, you get the idea, this music is very odd.

With that out of the way, I can explain why I gave this such a high score. Basically, because it's weird I am drawn to it. It's the most unique music I have ever heard, and it's entertaining. And throughout the whole 40 minute long song, it does not get boring, and as a fan of progressive music, this is what I like to call, "a masterpiece."

For a band to make something so bizarre and so far away from anything mainstream says a lot by itself. For a band to do that very thing so well makes it all the better, Sure, others have made single song albums before, but none of them sound at all like Devil Doll. I this world of endless music, it's difficult to be the only band doing something. Go back to 1980 and there are bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, extremely unique for their time. Fast forward to the 2000's or even the 1990's and there are already hundreds of bands that sound like that. Devil Doll made this album in 1989. In 1989 there was nothing else like it. Fast forward to the 2000's and there is still nothing else like it.

So, if you are looking for something new original search no longer, for Devil Doll will hit the spot. Even if you do not like it, it is still very entertaining to listen to music that is like nothing you have ever heard. It has the same effect as if someone in the 1920's or 30's was introduced to Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. It would blow their minds. And this will blow yours.

Let me conclude by saying this. Wipe away everything you know about music. Forget about the styles, genres, and eras. Forget about the vocal approaches of singers you have heard. Clear your mind, Then listen to Devil Doll. I assure you, you will never look at music the same again, and as you see the endless supply of metal artists that sound the same, and the hip hop artists who sound the same, and the music that sounds like something you've already heard, remember Devil Doll, and remember that never in your lifetime will you ever hear something like this again.