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This is how modern thrash should be done - 86%

UltraBoris, August 8th, 2002

It's heavier than a van full of anvils, more brutal than being anally raped by a rhinoceros... and it's got riffs down the throat. Yes, kids, it's a thrash album!!! Which must be stated explicitly, since most "thrash" albums nowadays seem to forget the cool riffs. (i.e. Testament "The Gathering", and also bands that really want to be thrash, but aren't, like The Haunted.)

This album has riffs. Lots of fucking riffs - and over that, there is the insane vocals of Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer. This is the best that Destruction has put out yet - there are no silly moments like on Infernal Overkill where you just have to wonder "What are they doing, and when will they stop playing this crappy, utterly forgettable riff?" Here, all the riffs are memorable, and the songs are totally catchy as well. It's almost comparable to "Eternal Nightmare" in that regard, in that after about the 3rd time through, you will remember all the melody lines, and be happily headbanging your way to an early grave.

Highlights: "Bullets from Hell" - oh my, this one just fucking makes you want to set the world afire. Thrash banging mania!! "Creations of the Underworld" (nice riff in the chorus, between "Creations of" and "The underworld), "Thrash 'til Death" (find all the classic thrash references, win a prize), and "Nailed to the Cross" (nailed to the FUCKING cross! It's cheap, but effective aggression, especially with the riffs to back it up) - pretty much everything on here is a winner.