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Destruction nailed it... to the FUCKING CROSS! - 100%

FragKrag, February 3rd, 2009

Destruction has truly conceived a masterpiece. I do not like giving out 100%, but I feel this album deserves it. You take a quick browse down the album, and listen to it for a while. You ask yourself "Why didn't I hear about this album in the 80s?". Well sir, that's because it came out in... 2001! Thrash bands are never good at comebacks. Just look at Megadeth, Metallica, and Testament.. they all produced mediocre/bad albums that are considered weak, and "un"thrash. Well, Destruction has stunned us... all of us. Any metal head taking a look at this album will go "Great, another shitty comeback album!". Well, comeback album it is, shitty it is not.

Simply scanning down the track list, songs like "Nailed to the Cross", "Dictators Of Cruelty", "Bullets from Hell", and "Let Your Mind Rot" immediately grab your attention. Once I saw the track list, I was already set on buying this album. There is simply no way the album could have been angrier or more aggressive.

Everything about this album is perfect. Whether it be Schmiers aggressive, and angry vocals, the lyrics that are completely filled with anger, or Sifringer's incredible riff work. This album has absolutely no short comings. The Antichrist simply cannot be denied as the undisputed comeback album King.

The productions is very clean and crisp. The guitars are extremely sharp and edged. The drums are blasting, and the vocals are clear. Every single riff seems to give you a kick in the jaw. Waking up to one of the songs on this album would definitely be an experience! Overall, there is absolutely no sacrifice of speed. Every minute is completely packed with as many units as possible, and the amazing thing is that it doesn't sound like complete noise... Talk about efficiency! Destruction does not like to waste their album space on useless junk!

As with just about every Destruction release, this album is completely filled with light speed, technical riffs. I suppose many of these "riffs" could be considered solos in other, lesser songs! "Thrash Till Death", "Nailed to the Cross", "Bullets from Hell".. and just about every other song contain some of the greatest riffs ever written by mankind. Personally, I think if you played this on surround sound to a non-metal head, said person's head would explode. There is just so much power packed into 42 minute album.

The vocals and lyrics are all amazing. The lyrics ooze with anger, power, and that good "thrash" stuff. It sounded like the '80s were coming back again! Many bands loose their steam with lyrics *cough* megadeth metallica *cough*, and some simply become boring, but Destruction manages to captivate with Schmier's voice and the lyrics. Religion, politics, and war... the three themes that every thrash band seems to have written about. They are present on this album too, but Destruction manages to keep it fresh by being more angry, and faster than their competition!

I think "Creations of the Underworld" describes it best as "Sonic mayhem". Every song is quite simply.. amazing. The albums is indeed flawless.

If you are a thrasher, and you don't own this album, I suggest you punch yourself in the face. Simply put, this album is a pinnacle of thrash. The epitome of perfection, and it is among the best of thrash. If you are angry, and you want something to let it out, I suggest that you purchase this album immediately and let some of it out headbanging to this masterpiece. Destruction really have outdone themselves on this album.