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A northern storm - 90%

Bananen, November 3rd, 2011

Let's get some things clear. I'm in love with this record. I'm not a fanboy of Demonaz and I'm not a huge fan of black metal.

The album gives of a really cold-sounding production as heard on Immortal albums and isn't a huge departure from the usual work of Demonaz. I would describe this album as a "Viking New Wave of British Heavy Metal" album. There's a galloping rhythm section going on with the guitars and some very nice guitar harmonies. The songs are what you would call mid-tempo and the structures are almost identical, so there's not much variety at all. I still can't stop myself from listening to it, but I can very easily see that someone would be really turned off by this fact, and I won't judge you.

The lyrics are inspired by the great rascals of the north, Vikings, and the vocals are of the raspy, black metal kind...and I like ém! They're not over the top and there are loads of epic choir-baking vocals happening throughout the album. The album itself is pretty atmospheric and connects with me on a subconscious level.

I really love this album despite its flaws. I'd say that you give it a try and if you like a song, you will probably like the whole album. It's just a question of if you can stand to listen to that many identical songs in a row. Give it a try. I fucking love it. 9/10.