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The Ultimate Death/Thrash Album! - 99%

overkill67, September 12th, 2004

Devastatingly awesome! The maniacal killer of all death/thrash albums ever released. This band is nothing short of majestic savagery in the realm of blast beating heavy riff infested thrash. This is undeniable greatness from every possible standpoint. Musically, lyrically, performance name it. Each and every song is woven into a pulse pounding dirge of chaos and aggression that few bands can deliver with such magnitude and force.
One thing that clearly makes this album so unique is the era that it surfaced in...92. Thinking back to that time, what do we have to compare this too? Soul of a new Machine, Testimony of the Ancients, Butchered At Birth? In other words...nothing. Absolutely nothing from this era, from the same genre can compare to the incredible ferocity that is prevalant on every unrelenting second of this album.
Rather than go through the generic format of breaking down each and every song, detailing what makes them so special and significant, I'm going to focus on the one thing that makes this album so amazing...the musicians themselves! Vinny Daze for starters is without a doubt the most underrated drummer to ever strike a tom. Speed, accuracy, complexity, creativity, tripplets, blast beats, off-time patterns...and NO triggers. Vinny is arguably the best drummer thats ever lived. If I were to compare anyone to Vinny, it would only be a select few, such as Gus Pynn (Sacrifice), or Gene Hoglan(need I mention all of his projects?) Saddly though, Vinny Daze died of a self inflicted gun shot wound in his appartment in New York not long after the band released their 3rd and final album.
The guitar player...(Sykes and Riley) are extremely diverse in their choice of riffs and patterns which was something that was rarely seen in the realm of Death/Thrash when these guys were around. Their solos are technical and catchy...all the while staying in key with the rythm pattern...unlike Kerry "the fat fuck" King!
Lastly Steve Reynolds bass playing is very cool, and very tight...nothing overly technical but you can at least hear the bass in the mix and its impossible not to be able to appreciate his talent on the bass. As for his vocals...they are brutal, but not to the point to where they sound forced or redundant. You can actually hear what he's saying...which for me only justifies writting inteligent lyrics. Why write a good song...when you're only gonna puke into the mic (see Cannibal Corpse).
Great songs, catchy, memorable and ultra-talented musicians...this is a true Hardifact that is in a league of its own. Definately worth owning!