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Nespithe - 95%

todesengel89, January 10th, 2011

Demilich are one of the bands that anyone who is into extreme metal should listen to. Nespithe, their only full length album throughout their short career, is perhaps one of the main albums that has defined technical death metal. With the complete discography of the band available on their website, there is all the more no reason for any self-proclaimed fan of extreme metal to not listen to their pieces of artwork.

Nespithe is 40 minutes of insane technical death metal. The band's minds are so warped that not only the album title and one track (Erecshyrinol) is encrypted (or to smartasses, merely jumbled up), the ridiculously long song titles such as The Planet That Once Used to Absorb Flesh in Order to Achieve Divinity and Immortality (Suffocated to the Flesh That It Desired...) seem to confuse the listener and also ensures that Demilich leaves an impression to the listener, even before the listener has a chance to press the "play" button.

The main thing that struck me at first was Antti Boman's impossibly low vocals, which according to him, were 100% organic and 0% processed. As mentioned in the booklet of the album, "Absolutely no effects were used on the vocals in any way." His style of vocals is a hit-or-miss affair, at times even sounding as if he were growling and gargling water in his mouth at the same time.

The guitar riffs while complex and technical are nothing that bands nowadays tend to indulge in: wankery and mindless shredding. Take each of the instruments apart, you will get each person doing something that doesn't seem to make any sense. Yet put the instruments together, and everything just comes together and becomes instantaneously coherent. That's the beauty of this album and perhaps the reason why this album is considered a classic in the underground death metal scene.

The band also somehow manages to keep the atmosphere and the mood of the album evil and ominous throughout the album, perhaps due mainly to Antti's humanly-impossibly vocals but also because of the guitar solos that come in at the right note and at the right time, such as on The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed) where the solo begins on a sharp note when least expected, causing the listener to have his hair stand on end, then marvel at Demilich's genius after overcoming the initial shock.

The large number of reissues and rereleases of this album floating around, released by a number of reputable labels, is evidence of Demilich's legacy, something that most bands can only dream of achieving yet already done by a band that took only 5 years to leave their mark on the death metal scene.