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Insane Finnish extremity - 88%

SLlMER, June 30th, 2009

Now here was some obscure and truly alien sounding technical, experimental, and avant-garde death metal from Finland, yet not played in the typical early-90's Finnish style. Sounding something like a concoction of the first two Carcass full-length albums, mixed with everything from maybe early Suffocation to Rottrevore with a dead cows lower intestine on the microphone doing putrid, maggoty vocals. This is definitely some unique, way ahead of it's time, and just 'out-there' death metal. Way out-there.. cosmic.. celestial.. as if made by space aliens from the planet fucking Nibiru. This is one of the only bands on the planet that possessed the ability to at times, sincerely scare the living shit out of me. However, most importantly- Demilich wrote quality songs.

Most of the songs on this demo tape were re-recorded for the sole full-length offering "Nespithe". In comparison to the "Four Instructive Tales... Of Decomposition" demo that was released one year earlier in 1991, this demo sounds a little closer to "Nespithe" in production, and the songs themselves sound like a mix between the previous demo and "Nespithe" as well.

This was a bit before my time, but for 1991, this absolutely must have been the darkest and most bizarre shit out there. Hands down, no questions asked. It still might be, in fact. You have not heard extreme or experimental death metal fully until you have heard Demilich. This is practically a cult classic in regard to spasmodic, unrepeatable death metal demo tapes that just somehow happened to be belched forth from the tumult of this filthy planet.