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Not bad at all, simply terribly underrated - 100%

Metal_Thrasher90, May 23rd, 2008

This isn’t a bad release at all. In my opinion, it’s just the opposite: one of the finest Deep Purple moments and albums. Specially because it gave us the chance to enjoy another new line up in the band (another “Mark” in Purple words). And that’s one of the things that make this band special, the several different sounds, productions and musicians. Also “Slaves And Masters” meant the last studio performance of Ritchie Blackmore and Joe Lynn Turner together, before their serious disagreements.

“Slaves And Masters” begins with a great track, which became a Purple classic, and that can’t be missed on any band’s compilation: “King Of Dreams”. It features a catchy sound and commercial vocals, but anyway, that doesn’t affect the final result. The sound of the following tracks, “The Cut Runs Deep”, “Fire In The Basement” or “Breakfast In Bed” isn’t similar to 80’s Rainbow or Deep Purple former works. It’s a raw new sound, filled with the sort and glamour of Turner’s vocals, Jon Lord’s virtuous and baroque keyboards and, obviously, the essential contribution of Blackmore’s guitar. “Love Conquers All” is probably the best piece of “Slaves And Masters” and the finest Purple ballad, from the few they have, along with “Soldier Of Fortune” and “When A Blind Man Cries”.

So, in my opinion, the problem with this album is the notorious fame it has between the most hardcore and die-hard metal Purple fans, who simply don’t pay much attention, unfortunately, on it. The music is just excellent, honest and, for me, unsurpassable. I definitively recommend it.