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Mark II is back!!! And they want vengeance!!! - 100%

Metal_Thrasher90, November 24th, 2007

Great return of Deep Purple! I love this album, in my opinion one of the most solid and cohesive works of the band. After so many years of silence after the tragical death of Tommy Bolin the band released this masterpiece, featuring the legendary “Mark-II” line up. Ian Gillan was the year before on Black Sabbath, Blackmore and Glover on Rainbow and Paice and Lord were in a other bands, called Paice Ashton Lord and the legendary Whitesnake. It was great for all the fans to listen them all together again.

The album “Perfect Strangers” is an excellent display of true Purple’s metal sound, maybe stronger than the last Mark II album “Who Do We Think We Are?”, but anyway, both are awesome. “Knockin’ On Your Back Door”, “Nobody’s Home” or the tittle track are definitively some of the most agressive and powerful stuff ever recorded by Deep Purple. The sound has got some rage on it, maybe because of the long period of silence. Specially Ritchie “Speed King” Blackmore’s solos and riffs are! awesome, along with Ian Paice’s solid drum work. Gillan also contributes, of course, with a better voice that Black Sabbath’s “Born Again”, but in my opinion it’s also a wonderful record. “Perfect Strangers” is perfectly produced, I suppose that Glover did the mixing work or maybe an engineer. Anyway, the sound is excellent and I highlight the tracks that usuallly (maybe all time) Purple don’t play in concert or they don’t pay much attention on it, like “Wasted Sunsets”, “A Gypsy’s Kiss” or “Mean Streak”. They deserve to be included on the songs played on their concerts, and I hope they would include them, some fans like me would thank it very much.

The band was really in a finest moment, something showed on the “Live At Knewborth ‘85” concert or some unofficial live bootlegs, specially one called “The Winning Season”. Power, rage, agressivity, Deep Purple is one of the best bands you can listen to, and perfect strangers is the perfect proof.