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Deep Purple with an orchestra, at last ! - 90%

Rems, May 25th, 2012

1969. 1999. Deep purple has already done twice in their career gigs with an orchestra, integrating classic music tunes in theirs shows. And even if this was well done, it was not really appealing for most hard rock lovers or DP fans, but never before did they simply try to add an orchestra to their «classic» set list. Adding this orchestra touch for this tour is what Paice and Gillan call an «augmentation».

This sounds truly great and really refreshing. This is quite close to a new born for most of the already-heard-1000-times classic DP songs, and just for this, the DVD is recommended to all DP or hard rock fans eager to hear new versions and a sort of rebirth of DP classics.

Perfect Strangers, for example, has never sounded so good in a long time. More like a movie theme than a hard rock stomper, this song gets here really interestingly. The inclusion of Hard Lovin’ Man is an excellent pleasure. This is a great tune and I find here its best live rendition.

The band is in great shape and seems to really enjoy the experience. The orchestra is involved from the beginning to the end, shining throughout. Its director even gets a chance to shine himself in the last part of Lazy, answering to Morse’s solo with his violin.

It all feels like a new dawn for Deep Purple. And it feels good. Likely the best DP live in ten or more years.