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The "Made In Japan" of the 80's! (Live in London) - 100%

Metal_Thrasher90, August 11th, 2008

“In The Absence Of Pink” was recorded live at Knewborth, a rainy day of 1985. And just say it’s the demonstration of what the personnel of “Perfect Strangers” could do. For the 70’s Mark-II line up it was “Made In Japan”, for the Mark-III was “California Jamming”, for the Mark-IV was “Last Concert In Japan”…and for the reunited 80’s Mark-II line up, this is the most representative live album they’ve released. In fact is much better than “Nobody’s Perfect”.

The sound is incredible! Probably this is the most heavy concert they’ve ever played. Since the opening fastest, loudest and most killer “Highway Star” version ever, to the final and epic “Smoke On The Water”, Deep Purple makes a raw display of virtuosity. I have to highlight Blackmore’s heavy guitar sound and shredding solos, he sounds really aggressive, angry and fast. Maybe that was what he wanted after a melodic period with Rainbow Turner’s era. Gillan demonstrates he’s a great show man and singer, although his voice sounds a bit tired and weird sometimes. But that makes the band sound more heavy. Lord’s also in a fine moment, playing those baroque keyboard solos and sound effects, and Glover also contributes to build a killer metal sound!

Also, this album gives you the chance to enjoy live versions some tracks from the 80’s metal masterpiece “Perfect Strangers” you can’t find anywhere else than “In The Absence Of Pink”. The weather was bad as you can check on the album’s cover, but the band is just awesome, they played really furious and fast. So I’m sure the audience enjoyed the whole show in spite of the rain. And any Deep Purple/metal fan will also have a great time listening this live record.