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Dated rawk und roll... - 75%

Snxke, July 6th, 2004

I geuss this is a good record. There is nothing too memorable on it and the vocalist is a little annoying...but I can't condemn this either. This won't bring traditional rock music or metal back to the forefront but it may entertain those fans who are already there. It pushes and shoves with enough hard-rockin' riffage to work as a tribute to retro-fans of rock and roll and thankfully for seems like the European audience is buying it. The impact in the states of course...has been less than a sucess.

The music is the same old same old rock and roll. Nothing too daring lyrically, musically or even in the musicianship itself. No songs here jump out with perfect melodies to grab. At the same time nothing here is offensive or overtly stupid either. It's a good listen over a beer...but not something that will return to your player again and again. It's middle of the road rock, for middle of the road people. (Makes you wonder what Steve Harris saw in these guys...)

All in all I can't suggest that you buy it. I can't tell you it's terrible either. I guess all I can say is that "I don't really care". ...that would be the truth!

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