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December's Fire - My Opinion - 90%

Tureakh, November 19th, 2005

December’s Fire” isn’t a famous band, even in Poland, and it’s really hard to get their album I think...but I think I am lucker. I’ve found ,,Vae Victis”.

It’s the first FULL-LENTGH album of individual project of Piotr Weltrowski (ex-Hefeystos) He have played all of the guitars, keyboards etc. He have also taked some parts of vocals, but he maked really good choice, and invited the living legend of Polish black metal scene – Nergal ( Behemoth, ex-Damnation, ex-Hermh, ex-Mastiphal) to get his voices as guest at ,,Vae Victis”. All lyrics are written by Piotr in Polish language, I think you must know this language to really understand his music.

The first song on this album is the title song. Opened by morbid sounds, and Nergal’s vocals takes you to lands what you haven’t been before. This song is maded from two parts. In first part i think there’s a some historic themes in the lyrics. Part two is the real morbid hell, in this part Nergal show how terrible can be his voices (of course in positive meaning).

Next song is called ,,Patrz jak p³on¹ dzikie ró¿e...” Melodic at the begining, then real poetic lyrics in on vocals of Piotr and Nergal. This song is beautiful from the beginning to the end. But like I’ve told, it’s really beautiful if you understand the lyrics, it’s hard to listen ,,Vae Victis” when you don’t understand the words.

The third song on ,,Vae Victis” is the most morbid, sick and horrifying on this album. It’s called ,,Pragnê Twej Krwi’’. Dark and mysterious keyboards, then ,,making calm’’ vocals of Piotr, and then guitars and the best show of vocal’s skill of Nergal. Every word have emotions, every word makes you go deeper to the world created by Piotr and Nergal...No more, no less. You must listen to it to feel it.

The last song is named ,,Anio³ Samotnych’’. Like in ,,Vae Victis” it maked from two parts, but in small different way. It starts from the piano melody, then once a time join a new instrument. First part ends at really good guitar solo. Then ,,calm’’ comes, keyboard plays nice melody, and comes...THE BEST bas solo what I’ve ever listened to! One of the best ideas on the album, and the best part of the song. When the solo is not end yet Piotr starts to talk:

,,Gdzieœ na firmament gwieŸdzisty, duch wzbi³ siê wszechmocy. Duch wœród cieni ognisty, dumny i wynios³y. P³omieñ buntu, owoc nocy, anio³ stró¿ mój, anio³ samotnych”

When he ends the song backs to the first part. Here’s Nergal, with help of Piotr talked the same words. This Songs is one of the best songs I’ve heared in my live.

Here’s the end, four songs - four deaths. I’ve died when i’ve listened to every song...

I think that on ,,Vae Victis” don’t exists bad songs, every songs have it’s own created world. I’ve really want to get other two demo’s of ,,December’s Fire’’ Everyone who know how I can get it please e-mail me...