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Decapitate this! - 100%

Apophis, March 18th, 2004


What more do you want from an album?
This has energy, riffs to die for, spiralling solos kept on the side of just whats needed and never too much, precision like never before, more groove than a freightload of kingsize records, and of course it's damn fucking heavy.

Some (magazine) critics have taken it upon their overpaid underappreciative fat arses to try and label this as being "too Vader". Well I'm sorry, but if Vader released albums like this every time, then quite simply I'm going to have to go out and build a shrine to Vader as this album in my opinion is both unique and damn good.

The appeal for me tapered off gradually with the subsequent releases, 'Nihility' and the recent album 'The Negation', with the band losing a lot of the creativity and awesome potential shown on this album.

Forget what you've heard about death metal. Forget all the other bands. Believe the hype. THIS is how 21st Century Death Metal should sound.