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Hmm...Not too Shabby - 80%

FatalStrike, May 1st, 2003

This is not the Ultra-Violence, and it is not Frolic Through the Park, it is some sort of confused album trying to be both. There is plenty of thrash to be found, but it lacks the punch of the first album, but for the most part this is a decent offering of thrash.
Seemingly Endless Time has a killer opening set of riffs, the a slower part that leads into a nice break, and a decent solo, and then another break. Great song.
Next is Stop, nice opening riff and tempo change. Great mid-paced thrash.
Next is the one of the ballads, and its actually well done. They don't drag it on, and have some cool ideas on this one.
The Organization is next, killer thrash riffs open this one. Killer vocals, damn this guy sounds alot like Belladonna, and alot better on a few songs like this one. Great punkish- thrash in the vein of early Anthrax. Plenty of breaks.
Discontinued follows, I dont know what the hell they were thinking on this one, it is totally out of place from a thrash band, but I like it. Eventually the intro section turns into a nice mid-paced song that sounds alot like something the Red Hot Chili Peppers would release. You'll have to have an open mind on this one.
A Room With a View is next, this is the second ballad on the album, and honestly it made me cry. It is so cheesy and horrible that I cried. Skip this...before it spreads.
Stagnant follows, nice drum intro, then some nice mid-paced thrash riffs. Then it slows down into a boring alternative sounding song. Eh, similar to Discontinued, but not good.
EXTC opens with a nice crunching set of riffs, and some great vocals. Very cool chorus, catchy as hell with a great sound to it. Alot of nice riff changes. And some nice lead work.
Disturbing the Peace opens with some bass and riff work very similar to several songs off of Anthrax's Spreading the Disease, and develops nicely. Then comes a great thrash riff, this sounds totally like an Anthrax song. Great song.
Falling Asleep opens with a music box...then some "Run to the Hills" sounding leads bring about a mid-paced headbanging set of riffs. Some great tempo changes, come later as the song picks up. A pretty decent closer.

The only horrible song on here is A Room With A View and Stagnant is mediocre at best. Still the rest of the album is solid average thrash. So if your into punkish thrash like Belladonna era Anthrax you'll dig this album. The two experimental songs, Discontinued and Stagnant will take an open mind and musical taste, but there are still solid thrash to be found.