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Courage to Expose All - 90%

todesengel89, May 3rd, 2013

Japanese metal has failed to disappoint me so far, regardless of the genre that the band plays in, the Japanese have always proved their superiority in the execution. Deaflock is no different, and this would be easily heard on their sophomore full length, Courage to Expose All.

Chaos quickly ensues as the band quickly delivers their dose of old school thrash metal. Clash instantly reminds one of early Teutonic thrash bands such as Destruction with the urgent and aggression riffing and the progression of the songs, though there are bits of pieces of Bay Area littered here and there, particularly in the lead guitars of Jun-Ichi, whose lightning fast fretwork resembles those of Kirk Hammett. Throughout the album, old school influences can be easily spotted, ranging from those of Japan’s very own black/thrash legends Sabbat to classic such as Venom.

Then there is that weirdness that all Japanese bands that seem to have, which is always a good thing allowing them to stand out from bands out of other parts of the world. Songs like The Umpire of Daily Crime include some rather unique melody, and is rather refreshing to those used to the European or American style of extreme metal. There are even rather emotionally powerful moments on songs like Rule Over Yourself, preventing the release from becoming just another release of pure aggression. Koichiro’s raspy shouting style of vocals also surprisingly fit all the different styles that Deaflock explores throughout the album.

And just to ensure that there is the complete package, the production quality is sufficiently raw, keeping up with the entire 80s old school thrash metal feel. Sure enough, Deaflock hasn’t disappointed, and with the quality of music that is on Courage to Expose All, easily places the band on the same pedestal as Japanese thrash greats such as Abigail and Sabbat.