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Underrated - 80%

axman, February 15th, 2003

Everyone always says that Ravishing Grimness is a forgettable and uninspired album from the gods of unholy black metal, DarkThrone, but I just don't hear it. No it's not ABITNS, UAFM, or TH it's not even Panzerfaust but it's still a great black metal album no the less. Yes it is my least favorite DarkThrone that I've heard but it is by no means a bad album. The riffs are as cold as ever and the vocals still spew forth hatred, though they are a bit more growled than usual. Probably the reason for the let down is the fact that Fenriz only write one song on here, though he wrote all but one of the lyrics. Starting off Ravishing Grimness is Lifeless, very good song with somewhat depressing lyrics. The second track is the one Fenriz wrote, The Beast. This is also the only song which he didn't do the lyrics for, a great song truly. The Claws of Time is my least favorite song on RG, just doesn't stand out from most other DarkThrone or DarkThrone styled black metal. Across the Vacuum kicks a lot of ass being my second favorite here. The title track is the fifth one on here and is good but somewhat subpar for DarkThrone's standards but it still makes an ass-kicking black metal tune. The best is last. To the Death(Under the King) is definetely the best song here, one of my favorite DarkThrone songs ever! Great riffs, vocals from hell, and extremely morbid and depressing lyrics which tend to suit my normal state of mind. Buy this if you're a DarkThrone fan.