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Good black metal... - 82%

Snxke, June 16th, 2004

This CD is not a trend setter. This CD pushes no boundries nor does it amaze the listener with it's previously unheard stylings. No, this CD is just a quality slab of Norse black metal from the increasingly insular bastards known as Darkthrone.

Honestly folks...this CD is quality, despite the common harassments from the more "kvlt" of the whelp-infested black metal community.

Even so, this CD is not a "classic". It's double bass runs, rock and and roll backbeats mixed with Nocturnal Culto's rubbery black metal guitarwork make for a certain atmosphere of violence, while keeping itself from wanting to engage the listener too much. A strong production accompanies the feel as well, giving weight to the somewhat standoffish material cobbled together by the gruesome twosome of Fenris and Nocturno.

Overall, this CD is neither a failure nor a triumph. It is a nessecary purchase for all longtime fans ans a mostly ignorable release for those who are not. Like much of the "modern" era of Darkthrone the CD does it's expected job of dark lyrics being pressed through a haze of violence guitarwork.

I give it a thumbs up...but I won't write it into the black metal hall of fame.