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The Light Has Been Violated - 100%

darkurse, August 8th, 2011

Another Dark Promise demo has found its way onto cyberspace, and with the same raw and unforgiving approach to depressive black metal, Demon of Darkness prominently displays how low-fidelity production can create such a desolate ambiance in “The Return of the Dark Age”, can set a painfully torturous scene in “To Curse them All”, and can combine depressive tones to form a macabre melody backed by blackened brutality in “The Dark Promise”.

“The Return of the Dark Age” sets the demo off on an interesting note. The music is very quiet in the mix, but its distance just adds to the allure of the song as the very Mayhem (De Mysteriis dom Sathanas era) sounding vocals are done in a very Darkthrone style. This song keeps generally the same pace until the end when a slow, desolate bass guitar sound closes it.

The second song, “To Curse them All” is opened with nearly the same bass guitar sound that closed the previous track, and at 1:00 kicks into an Immortal style fast guitar section with a slow drum pace in the background. The cold lyrics evoke the frigid ambiance of this track and the lo-fi production does nothing short of accentuate that frigid feel as though the song is echoing in the frozen halls of Niflheim rather than being composed in one of the hottest climates on Earth.

“The Dark Promise” is definitely the money track. A perfect display of how to build off a simple sound and create an intense and dark atmosphere without going to the ridiculously technical lengths of many modern death metal bands, the tone of this track is the epitome of Demon of Darkness’ work in Dark Promise. The song starts with a small guitar whine and with the addition of more guitars creates such a melancholy and macabre whining drone that the song would have been fine if kept at just that pace. Demon of Darkness doesn’t pride himself on leaving a sound fine, though. Instead he builds off this macabre whine to bring in a powerful double bass kick at 1:31. This addition of faster drumming beautifully balances the heavy bass end of the song with the high whining guitars and screaming vocals to create a wall of raw black metal intensity. The song then takes a rising tempo tone with the guitars joining the double bass taking the song from a depressed Hellish whine to, at 3:34, an upward drive as though all the horrors of Hell have begun charging the gates of Salvation. Driving forth this upsurge of anger and hate is the guitar and drum sound bringing the support of all Hades’ legions to enact “The Dark Promise” they had made.

In all, Demon of Darkness delivers again and brings to the table, another amazing demo from his band, Dark Promise. Utilizing his black metal influences, the unique sound created by his lo-fi recording equipment, and drastically different but completely compatible tones, “To Violate the Light” has proved to be another amazing foray into the musical vision of Demon of Darkness.