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Nothing new nor worth the listening! - 45%

gabalgabow, April 15th, 2003

To begin in a different way from my other reviews, I'll begin here with the visual aspect of the thing. At first sight their logo looks cliché, but a closer look will make you see some quite cool details and a fortress (reminds me some full of details stuffs I did, that's maybe why it looks cool for me...). And the cover, well... even if there might be a mood or something here, the theme is too common and leads to an unattractive one with no real impact. It was done by Kris Werwimp... well a very simple drawing can have more impact than a full of colors painting... All the more it costs at the very least 35 Euros to get a painted cover...
Now that my artistic moment is over, let's talk about the music.
It begins in a too simple and melodic way, and then follows some Black metal à la very old EMPEROR. They have got the same kind of melodic riffs and the same way of using the synths. Old HECATE ENTHRONED may be quoted for the keyboards also. Some primal black à la old DARK FUNERAL is here as well.
There are some old school metal/ Black metal touches here and there, it may remind me of DESASTER (Ger)'s first recordings for this reason.
The first track as well as some riffs are Ok, but the whole is melted in so many too common and simple riffs I've ever heard so many times... very often the arrangements and melodies sound too cliché for my ears!
No, fuck this shit! The more I listen to the tracks, the more it sounds cliché and unimaginative!
So many mags and zines will give a good review to this one it's only laughable! Once you're tight with almost correct tracks, you can get good reviews almost everywhere... So sad!
Nothing new nor worth the listening if you're into Black metal since more than 4/5 years!