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Ending on a high note - 100%

stonedjesus, April 20th, 2005

D.R.I.'s last set of original studio material is the perfect thrash/crossover album in my brick slamming shitbucket of a brain. As well as the perfect progression for the band over the years. This is what was and would have always been, the be all end all 100% "Holy shit, here it comes! They're fucking thrashing my ass to death and I can't stop screaming my goofy white ass off." brand of kickass. It's got the tongue-in-cheek hardcore punk attitude and delivery of "Dealing With It", it's got the metal buzz and furious double-bass stomp of "Thrash Zone". Crisp, clear production, perfected levels on the instruments... Hell, "Full Speed Ahead" has got it all and still manages to shake off a few extra drops before they flush. I can't think of a 90's (especially for 1995) crossover album that fares as well after repeated listens. The songs are fun, heavy, fresh, and NON pretentious.

Sure, this is thier last set of original recordings. And yeah, it's been ten years of re-releases and remasters. But goddamnit if this doesn't thrash your punk ass onto your knees.

100/100 : Well shit, it's my favorite band. Great booming production. Excellent swan song/end on a high note for a classic band.