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Taking It Slow... - 84%

grain_silo, October 11th, 2012

Back before they went pure thrash, D.R.I. was deeply rooted in a punk/kind of thrashy sound that could be compared to other bands like Suicidal Tendencies and Corrosion of Conformity. They played so insanely fast so they seemed very thrashy but the riffs are pure punk.

The production is flawed at best. It’s not bad but not good either. They pull off that punk sound very well. The drums are loud and crushing. The guitars are there but could be louder. They do have that perfect punky sound so it works very well with this album. I wish the bass was louder. That’s my main complaint with the sound.

The songs are ridiculously fast and short. The songs are very similar in the way they are structured and because they rely completely on power chord/punk riffs, some of the songs are easy to get confused. “Money Stinks” is a good habit breaker with the sound. Nice riffs and an awesome drum/bass part. Kurt does a great job making this album so punky and good. His voice is easily recognizable among the older punk/thrash bands and he does a fantastic job on this album. He is able to keep up with the extremely fast tempo perfectly. The lyrics are the typical anti lyrics.

This album is great if you like punk or thrash. I’m more of a thrash fan and this album really leaves a mark on me. Not as much as their later stuff like “Definition” or “Thrash Zone” but it’s definitely a keeper. If you want more of a thrashy fusion with punk, I would recommend their second album but definitely check this album out.

Best tracks – “Money Stinks”, “Closet Punk”, and “Reagonomics”