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Dirty Rotten Hardcore - 89%

HomicidalBreath, November 21st, 2010

D.R.I. are well known among metalheads for their crossover/thrash stuff like "Thrash Zone" but a lot of people seem to forget their first two albums, which are indeed hardcore punk classics. With this album having over 20 songs and playing time being around 17 minutes, you KNOW this album is the fastest thing you will ever hear. This is a perfect example of true hardcore, no need for shit like Hatebreed or Madball.

Only around 4 or 5 of the songs on here are over a minute in length, so you know there is no fucking around here. Just pure speed, adrenaline and energy. The guitar work here doesn't stray away from it's hardcore punk roots, really fast, simple power chord progressions but it also adds a few of it's own things here and there to make it sound a bit different than the other hardcore stuff at the time. I give a lot of credit to Spike on this album, really fucking fast playing and some little solos here and there which standout.

The vocals sound thrash, this is probably the only metal thing that D.R.I. had at the time. Kurt's vocals have a really big "fuck you" type attitude in them, I never really knew how to explain it but they sound really cool. The vocals, like the guitar are EXTREMELY fast. I really have a hard time comprehending how he could make all the lyrics out singing them that fast.

The drumming... hmm... take a guess? Oh yeah, they're fast. Surprised ya there didn't I? This whole album is fucking fast. The drumming here defines hardcore and punk drumming and I imagine it highly influenced some of the newer thrash and metal drummers in general today due to the speed.

Bass doesn't stick out in the mix but there is a few moments where it's just vocals, drumming and bass and the tone there is fucking sweet. I can't say anything amazing or bad about the bass, it's just average really. But of course, IT'S FAST!

The production is really dirty and rough. I love it. If you have ever listened to Dead Kennedy's "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" or Discharge's "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" and liked the production, then you will like the production here.

The songwriting isn't very 'skilled' as some would say, but I don't think in hardcore you are supposed to have tones of tempo changes or time signatures or really technical riffs. Correct?

Overall, this album is the fastest thing I have ever heard. This is an essential hardcore album and if you're a fan of punk and you haven't heard this...well then...go buy it! Hell, download it if you have to! This album is a real landmark in hardcore.

Standout tracks -

I Don't Need Society
Commuter Man
Who am I