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A Step in the Right Direction - 78%

DCCLXXVII, September 2nd, 2014
Written based on this version: 2007, CD, Endtime Productions

Veil of Remembrance qualifies as my least favorite entry in Crimson Moonlight's discography. It wasn't a bad album by any means, it was simply less good than everything else they've done (even Eternal Emperor was better). It took a few years, but Crimson Moonlight managed to record four more songs and release them in this EP here.

In Depths of Dreams Unconscious is certainly an improvement over its predecessor. There's no denying that. One of my largest problems with Veil of Remembrance was its lack of atmosphere. It was black/death, and thus it needed atmosphere, but had none. A bit of atmosphere is created here with the title track, but that quickly fades when the bulk of the EP kicks in. The last three tracks fail to create any atmosphere, and that's mostly what tanks this score.

Also, this is still pretty much the same style of black/death that the last album was, with just a touch more of black. There's just a bit more tremolo, and just a bit more blastbeating. But that's not enough to save this for me. Sure, Pilgrim's vocals are good, and the guitars are fast, furious, and melodic, but something feels missing. The exact same feeling I got from Veil of Remembrance.

It would be really sad to see Crimson Moonlight disband. It has been seven years since they released this, and I haven't heard anything from them since then, which concerns me a bit. However, Antestor did take seven years between The Forsaken and Omen (the latter of which was by far their greatest work, but I'll save that for another review), so we can still hope that Crimson Moonlight has something in the making. And we can hope that it sounds more like their earlier work.

If you like black/death, give this a shot, you'll enjoy it at least a little bit.

Fantastic EP - 80%

thejoker, August 5th, 2011

The second this disc begins to spin in the player, the listener is greeted with pure bliss in musical form. Yes, Crimson Moonlight strike again with tremendous Christian black metal that once again reminds the satanic scene that there is a light shining in the darkness.

Beginning with an instrumental dirge of slow and dripping folk guitar surrounded with monolithic anguish akin to My Dying Bride, Crimson Moonlight swiftly descends into an all-assault of pure black metal entitled "The Advent of the Grim Hour". I'd say the only other vocalist with as much range as CM's Pilgrim is Azahel from Frost Like Ashes. The vocals encompass everything from very Swedish black metal-styled turbo screams to deep death growls.

Instrumental-skill is absolutely top-notch here. These guys are skilled at their respective instruments and it shows. I'd compare the sound to melodic death metal played with blistering speed, all laced with raging shrieks and screams - a great mix overall. "Shiver in Fear" slows it all down a little with more of a mid-paced speed, while last track "Alone in Fear" ends with an almost quasi-Immortal sounding clean guitar riff straight out of "Sons of Northern Darkness" (think the clean break in "Tyrants" but minimalized). A great disc from start to finish.