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"Darkthronian Forest" - 20%

vintermark, November 7th, 2005

This is the first Craft release for a while. Terror Propaganda looked like they were on their way to acheiving something. Fuck the Universe is not a continuation of the path they (seemingly) accidently stumbled upon.

Moronic title and 'philosophy' aside, this album is pure garbage. A listener with half a mind may think "Wait a minute, this isn't the new Craft CD, it is Carpathian Forest paying tribute to A Blaze in the Northern Sky-era Darkthrone!" I had the same thought myself, but it is not the case, this really is Craft.

The music is 'fun', that is about the only positive element somebody may find in it (I hate 'fun' music, myself). It has no artistic integrity, it captures no feeling (other than the feeling that you think you've bought a Carpathian Forest CD).

If anybody had any doubts, the release of this CD proves Black Metal is 99% dead, the essence was clearly wasted on bands like Craft.

The album is about average length for an album and contains eleven tracks. By the time track eleven had started I was pretty sure I had been sat there for about an hour and a half and had been exposed to at least fifteen tracks.

Best use for this CD would be a frisbee to give to a homeless child at Christmas or use by the military to test endurance.