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Good, but not great - 85%

The_Ghoul, September 29th, 2005

Why is this release good? Well, it has a lot of "good" parts and not much filler (unlike later releases) and has a really harsh drum sound, along with razor guitars. The songwriting is still somewhat serious, and it's a really awesome headbanger. Why isn't it great? Because unlike Dusk and Her Embrace, it's impossible to take this thing even 90% seriously. It doesn't posess that dark, demonic atmosphere of the previously mentioned masterpiece. The instrumentals are mediocre at best (with the exception of Portrait of the Dead Countess) and even that one seems to building up and such without really going anywhere. It's akin to driving really fast and wasting gas, while really having no destination in mind and going in circles while your at it. The instrumentals end without having a climax (girls, imagine a dude who cums in a minute- guys, imagine a girl with a really loose vagina. The instrumentals are like that.)

The Bathory Aria has about 4 or 5 minutes of filler. They had something going with part two and even part one, but they didn't elaborate on that, and spent time on part three, which was pretty horrid, to tell you the truth. The riff on part three was repeated over and over again, and kinda sucked. They had a brief pause, and it seemed they might actually play a great riff, and they returned to the horrible riff.

Another thing, Dani really needs to shut up!!!! The songs did not increase in length from Dusk and Her Embrace, but the lyrics almost increased twofold. Shit, I wished Dani Filth would just SHUT THE FUCK UP for once.

About the good parts of this album. The second track (the first true song) was really awesome. It was the epitome of the beauty side of COF, and was truly awesome. The drumming was good, but it was fucking awesome throughout the whole album.

The third song, which was slower, but way more epic, was pretty awesome. Again, though, Dani needed to shut up. But we already knew that. The song, the first time I heard it, left me floored. It was that good.

The forth one, Beneath the Howling Stars, was a bit boring upon first listen, but really grew on me after that. It has a kind of "halloween, transylvania" feel to it. The pipe organs don't hurt, also.

The sixth song is a vicious thrashy song. It seemed out of place on this album, but oh well. The drumming is fucking awesome on this song.

The seventh, The Twisted Nails of Faith, was pretty much filler shit until the ending, which I felt should have been the ending for the Bathory Aria.

The tenth song, Lustmord and Wargasm, is like the sixth one, Desire in Violent Overture, but better. It was pretty much heavy, fast, AND melodic. Totally awesome.

But a detriment, was the lyrics. Instead of writing dark eulogies and eloquent oratories like on Dusk and Her Embrace, Dani basically was saying "Look at me and my humoungous vocabulary." It was kinda embarrassing to read them.

What's particularly sad is that this is the last truly awesome album. Midian was ok, but it's sad, because you compare a song like A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil's Whore) to songs like Gilded Cunt, Coffin Fodder, and Filthy Little Secret from Nymphetemine, and it almost makes me wanna cry, if I wasn't so busy laughing at how horrible COF has gotten. Even when they did Midian, the lyrics were in the Sucking department. The music soon followed. Even Midian's predecessor, From The Cradle To Enslave, sucked. Apparently COF is dead set against alienating their original base so they could appeal to the more moneyed mallcore and mallgoth crowd. I hang my head in shame. X[