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Gothic mumbogarble without purpose... - 52%

Snxke, June 16th, 2004

Seriously folks, when this record was first released the media attention it received from the underground cannot be understated. Everything seemed ready to break into the open, with Cradle of Crap leading the way for band after band to bring the diluted "gothic black metal" to the masses.

Thankfully, this CD was universally disliked and the whole movement failed to generate the eventual promise of greatness that later "big label" releases such as "Midian" and "Damnation and a Day" attempted to capture. This record was the thankful weakening point of the whole CoF concept.

Musically, the "classical" compositions work well enough as horror-movie fodder, setting up an ominous mood similar to a Hammer Horror styled film. Sadly, the guitar/drumwork often drones in and out of the mix leaving little melody or hook to work from. This was probably the bands most unique line-up, with each member playing a sort of "role" in the visual aspect of the band but these musicians cannot lift this droning goth-opera styled music to any form of useful climax. Sure, "Desire and Violent Overture" and "Lustmord and Wargasm" blast out some pretty good drum/guitar work but it does little to make the record

The artwork and lyrics make good for the band, but like the keyboard instrumentals they do little to lift this from being a droned-out gothic slop-fest that is more of an ego-piece for Dani and his seventeen annoying voices than anything else. Sure, the man can twist the English language with a certain gift that few others can, but without the strong riffwork and performance needed to bring his witty goth-poems to life the elaborate artwork with it's witty andecotes can do little to improve the entire affair.

It was an interesting concept...and certain members of the band tried hard to put this together in a highly memorable form but the end result of this is a feeling of failed gothic pomp that does little to drive one into a sense of genuine theatrical interest.

Skip it and buy a Bathory record...

(The bonus CD is eqaully pointless...though the Maiden cover rates as "ok".)