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For fans of Ildjarn - 85%

chainsawexecution, January 1st, 2005

This tape contains four tracks of rather primitive songs, almost in an "Ildjarnic"-sense of trance-indulging repetition. Mostly, I don't like music like this to much, but "blood & cum" manages to keep me interested, cause this sure has a quite sick atmosphere over it.

The tape starts of with "Tool", which has a great riff for it's purpose.
People who've heard Ildjarn will recognize the never-changing slowed-down blastbeat immediatly.

The title track is short and more of violent nature, and finishes of with some really weird guitar noise.

"Raping baby jesus" is basically the continuation to "Tool", but a bit shorter.

The last song, Autumn burial, is longer, more melodic and varied. It breaks the pattern in a good way and finishes this tape of greatly. It also has a somewhat cleaner production than the rest of the tracks, and a vocal approach that is closer CB's full-length albums than the rest of this tape.

Though I've compared this to Ildjarn, the sound quality is, dare I say, much better. It's still raw though and it works well without becoming annoying.

So, if you are looking for 17 minutes of (perverse) hatred in the same vein as Ildjarn, this is something for you!