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A Means to Keep Touring - 40%

Dondelinger, March 26th, 2011

I get it now. The album pretty much sucks. I would not consider buying it or recommend anyone else buy it, but after finally seeing them live this week I understand why they continue to do what they do.

These guys love performing live. And like fans, they seem to also prefer their classic albums as well as some of the hits from the newest three albums. (God I hate using the word 'hit' in a metal review.) Releasing a new album every few years comprised of several good songs within an overall album of boring, unmemorable songs is what this band does now. Whether you like it or not, it gives them the means to tour and bring you the classics you know and love from Fear the Reaper, Hatecrew Deathroll, Hatebreeder, and even Something Wild. Whether this is because they have run out of ideas, don't have time, or are just being lazy, who knows?

In my opinion, this album has one great song, a good song, an okay song, and an okay song.

1.) Not My Funeral - This one is a good song. Nothing amazing. Has a couple new good ideas and is catchy enough that I can hear it in my head from time to time.
Tracks 2-5 are boring and were a pain to push through. I have no reason to ever listen to them again or even list their names.
6.) Ugly - This song is the best on the album and would fit right in on Hatecrew or Reaper. Furthermore, it might have been the best song they performed live the other night, even better than the classics. What they did with the lighting during the speedy opening riff was a pretty cool affect. I was very impressed. I hope they keep this one on their setlist for years to come.
7.) Boring
8.) Was It Worth It? - Catchy, I'll give em' that. But, it's a little on the trendy side for me. Though it's an okay song, it surely helped get some mall kids to buy the album and pack the concert hall. That's not a good thing, especially when a band like Ensiferum opens, which should be a privilege to see before a Children of Bodom set. Instead, all the kids with "Relentless Reckless" and "Blooddrunk" t-shirts just stood there and completely sucked the life out of the building while Ensiferum put on one hell of a show for them. The Ensiferum bassist Sami Hinkka seemed to be completely aware of this and looked as if he took it personal. He seemed to want to go to battle with these kids when he didn't get any reaction from the crowd. I would have paid to see this because he is a frightening dude who probably could have taken down a majority of the mall kids with his bass alone.
9.) Northpole Throwdown - A heavy song that is short and just ends abruptly. I can never remember how it goes.

We would all probably love to see Bodom take the time to write a complete album. Waiting for enough ideas to come so that an album with tracks like these from the previous three albums could be released on one album would be awesome:

- Living Dead Beat
- Are You Dead Yet?
- If You Want Peace Prepare for War
- In Your Face
- Hellhounds on My Trail
- Blooddrunk
- LoBodomy
- Not My Funeral
- Ugly

That would be a pretty sweet album you'd have to admit. However, realistically, these guys are making a living touring. If that means releasing several good songs with an album of mediocre songs so they can keep bringing fans what they want live, I will take it. On this current Relentless Reckless tour it was a near perfect set list only containing a couple duds from this album. I will not ever listen to the entire album again. Just the several songs I like. But if I ever get the chance to see these guys throw down for a night I will happily pay for concert tickets.