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Perfect rock and roll... - 100%

Snxke, April 14th, 2004

The Blackest Night is one of the greatest songs in heavy metal history. Without a doubt, one of the best lead-off tracks ever as well. This CD is flawless in it's design. The music, the mix, the production and the artwork is just amazing. This Venom/Misfits mix hammers you to the core and leaves you begging for more. (Which, with his 1,000 projects Ramrod always has something new for the budding fan!) This demo has been worn out on my player, and it should be worn out on yours as well. Chemikiller is metal, metal is hell, chemikiller is hell metal.

What more needs to be said? Get your copy of this demo, now re-released on a package deal on UHR today or suffer the fate of being the worst of the posers. I like this CD THAT much.