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Torture's too kind. - 79%

HomicidalBreath, October 2nd, 2013

I was a huge fan of Jason Decay's previous band Goat Horn before I discovered Cauldron. I really got into their first two full- lengths but oddly enough "Into the Cauldron" was the last release I got into. I look down on myself for this because this is one hell of an EP.

The main reason I love this is because it highly resembles Goat Horn whereas the others don't at all. By this I mean Jason doesn't just sing with his high- pitched clean vocals but he also uses his lower gravel- throated vocals which sound absolutely bad ass. Jason is also a spectacular bassist and always make sure you can hear that thick, heavy tone he's got. The bass lines are a huge highlight throughout this album. Not many of the new traditional metal bands in the past decade can even come close to his talent. The guitar work is quite average though. The riffs are very simplistic, generic and ones you've definitely already heard before. For example, the opening of "The Striker Strikes" is totally "Two Minutes to Midnight" just a couple notes changed. The one thing that makes up for this is Ian is a great lead player and this EP features loads of blistering guitar solos. The drum work is quite good, a few good double- kick parts notably in "Torture's too Kind" which is by far the best track here. Not much too say other than very talented drumming.

Overall, Cauldron weren't quite developed musically yet. Their full- lengths are definitely better and more original but "Into the Cauldron" wins in the fact it is much more raw and old school. I recommend this EP and Cauldron in general to fans of Angel Witch which is who they arethe most comparable to but also NWOBHM in general.

Excellent debut - 85%

Vallomas, April 4th, 2008

Hailing from Canada, Cauldron were one of many many bands to debut in 2007. Created by guitarist/bassist Jason Decay and drummer Steel Rider (of the now defunct thrashers Goat Horn who left behind a legacy of two full lengths and an EP) and with the contribution of guitarist Ian "Kilapatrick" Jones, Cauldron manage to stand out from their peers due to this EP they've put out at the beginning of the last year.

I'll admit I wasn't aware of their previous band so I can't express on opinion about their musical likeness. Cauldron however, play exactly the sort of metal I enjoy. Traditionally inclined, with a heavy NWOBHM lean and the distinctive voice of Decay being their notable features. This EP is too brief to let us draw concrete conclusions, but all four of the contained tracks are both notable and well-crafted. Especially "Into The Cauldron" kicks all kinds of ass but also the mid-tempo "Restless" stands out due to the excellent guitar work. The production is well-done, although this is a self-released album.

Obviously it's too early to tell what the future holds for Cauldron. The start has been good, to say the least, and we expect much from them. "Into the Cauldron" has shaken the waters in the underground circuit to the point where New Iron Age Records rereleased it recently in vinyl form with two extra songs. Let's hope they keep this up.

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