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Coooool. - 85%

HawkMoon, August 12th, 2002

Cathedral is about the weirdest metal band there is. Judging from the name you expect embryonic oldschool death or something. But nooooo. What awaits you in 'The carnival bizarre' is as much Sabbath-influence as you can squeeze into a 90's metal band. Very "70's" feeling in the riffing and melodies. Kind of catchy, but excellent.

They used to be doom metal though, which I learned when I bought their first album at the same time as this one (if this is good they COULD have done other good albums??), I'm sorry to say it sucked though. The only worse doom metal album known to me is Paradise Lost's debut.

But that's in the past, nowadays Cathedral have this 'happy' and original sound which every metaller could need from time to time. I mean isn't it a little much death/black metal dominance over 90's metal??