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"Your floor's my ceiling" - 100%

Equus, August 9th, 2011

I hardly ever see this band or demo mentioned when people talk about sick early 90s/post-Carcass-Symphonies era grind. You can hear shades of Autopsy and Impetigo (not direct influences but similar in style), but this is even more damned demented if you can swallow a big pile of that.

The crust/punk influences and mental patient vocals easily set this apart from the rest. The vocals alone truly shine here; twisted and unique as they are, they at times almost resemble a little bratty kid making gross noises from the backseat, or the kind of sounds someone might make as they gurgle and choke while seemingly trying to gnaw his own face off. Yeah, very leftfield! Lyrics and song structures are top notch and fully realized especially for a debut demo, and what a shame this turned out to be their one and only.

This band definitely deserved more recognition than they received, although cult bands were never meant to be famous. Track this tape down any way you can. You have no idea what you're missing.

Get Fucked. There Is No Kure. - 85%

SLlMER, May 19th, 2010

Before Asunder, and even before Dystopia, Dino Sommese played drums in Carcinogen, an undeniably brutal death metal affair with some definite crust, grindcore, and hardcore punk sound to it as well. This all culminates into an intense and, above all heavy sound with this their one and only demo from 1992 entitled "Kure".

Fans of Rottrevore, Carcass, and Repulsion, and even the more recent act Graves At Sea should check this demo out. Carcinogen play music that is considerably different (more death metal) than anything Dino has done since and it's definitely up to par in it's heaviosity and extremity. With "Kure", Carcinogen played somewhat like Dystopia, if Dystopia was trying to play Rottrevore and "Symphonies of Sickness"-era Carcass songs. That might be the best way of generally describing the sound with this demo.

I prefer this greatly over any Dystopia album. This demo is more compositionally-interesting to me than anything Dystopia ever released. Dino's drumming is top fucking notch on this demo. Asunder and Dystopia fans may definitely want to seek this out. This might be Dino's all time best band? Track this demo down and decide for yourself if you can find it!