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This cannot be! - 40%

AzzMan, June 5th, 2004

Swansong is the last release of the (former) goregrind/goremetal gods, Carcass. Oh my god. Fuck. Shoot me, Jesus.

Why didn't they quite before? They were doing great. Their first three releases are pretty much legendary (And for good reason, I might add), and Heartwork was just really freakin' cool. And then this.

I mean, the first time I listened to it, I thought "this is pretty good. But it dosn't NEARLY match their old work." Then I listened to it some more.. and cried... and then I kind of curled up in a fetal ball and listened to ...and Oceans - The Symmetry Of I, The Circle Of O with the first track on repeat for about an hour.

When I felt that the "Moon People" weren't trying to kill me, waiting outside my door, I left my room and listened to the album again. This was the last time I respected Carcass.

Swansong is repetitive, bland, it feels the same.. it feels cliche almost. Boring vocals, HORRIBLE "anti-political" lyrics.. jesus, fucking read Black Star.. Moving on, bland guitar "solos"... did I miss anything?

Every song feels the same. Not only is that the way this album is, but you know exactly what I'm talkign about. You know how Mortician release the same album thats complied of the same tracks every few years? Yeah. It's like that, but without all the former albums sucking.

Nothing here to like, the "high point" if there is one is Polarized. Its almost catchy. But then it starts to suck cunt and hard.

Jesus, go get the first three albums, then if you want melodeath that isn't just a sad excuse for music, go get Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges.

Until I forget about Polarized, here I will lay, in a fetal ball, writing this review, with The Symmetry on repeat. I hope you're happy, fucking Carcass.