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Dr. Steer cures disease with Grind - 75%

Manchester_Devil, July 1st, 2003

Carcass's debut full-length, re-released with the original artwork which is an interesting mish-mash of cutouts of body parts (some miscoloured due to decay) which had been banned until now.

Guitars and drums merge together to form a intense wall of sound with the twin vocals puking over the mass that barely changes in each of the 22 songs (you can tell where the music changes and each of the songs are different so the album isn't a mass of sound).

The lyrics deal with gore on a medical basis, examples like the song titles like "Oxidised Razor Masticator", "Microwaved Uterogestation" and the lyrics have their fair share of words you otherwise would see in a medical textbook (with a touch of Britishness thrown in for good measure).

There are some moments in the album that could've been in a death metal album like the song "Burnt to a Crisp" which is probably the only death metal song in the album (as an example).

Best songs on the album:
Regurgitation of Giblets
Carbonized Eyesockets
Burnt to a Crisp