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A master work. - 100%

Light13, December 13th, 2010

This album in my opinion is the greatest death metal album ever made. Carcass - Heartwork is beyond heavy and also ultra melodic in places. Firstly I will point out that this album is almost nothing like any off Carcass's releases up to this point in their career. This is when Carcass progressed into the band they had been striving to become.

First off the music differs vastly from the previous release Necroticism : Descanting the Insalubrious moving from a more straight up death metal sound with long progressive song structures to more clinically played, straight to the point song's. Focusing more on the quality of the riffs and more memorable song's. For example on the mighty title track that verse riff is possibly one of the heaviest riffs ever wrote in metal, instantly recognisable and memorable.

Handling guitars on Heartwork we have Bill Steer and Micheal Amott (Arch Enemy, Carnage) unleashing forth riffs that will leave you begging for mercy and melodic, extremely well played leads that are totally unique and fresh compared to other death metal, first lead on the song Carnal Forge is totally unique heard that in any death metal before this album? Another personal highlight would have to be Doctrinal Expletives every riff in that song just blasts out of your speakers and demands you head bang.

It also has to be mentioned that Colin Richardson did an superb job producing this album with the band. Making the guitar tone, drum sound and every thing else on the album sound crisp and sharp you can also clearly hear everything on this album rare for bands that play with such low tunings in the time period.

Overall its hard for me to review this album it is something every metal fan should own in their collection if not just for how important it is in the developmental of melodic death metal, I cant truly express in words how amazing Heartwork is I listen to it about a 100 times a year and it never becomes stale or boring in just gets more intense after each play. Easily one of my all time favourite records, now go out and buy it and see if it becomes one of yours.