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BRUTAL - 93%

corpsegrinder, December 8th, 2002

Okay, when you get this album, you will get the complete fucking package.
That means that you will get really brutal artwork, lyrics and music.
There are no fucking love ballads or sing-a-long choruses here. Just as you know it. mmmmkay lets get on with the songs....

The first track "pounded into dust" is like a very typical C.C opening song: crushing riffs, blast beats, and Fishers standard vocals on top. The next song is like the same as the first one only a little more heavy.The third track "unleashing the bloodthirsty" starts of slowly but goes on to something faster with Pat and Jack trading off solos at break-neck speed. And ends off heavy again. "The spine splitter" is heavy/speedy with a cool tapping part at the middle. The track after that is good as well. "Raped by the beast" is a kick ass song that starts of with a thrash metal beat and goes over to some seriously brutal shit. "Coffinfeeder" is good as well. "Hacksaw Decapitation" is in my opinion C.C at its finest. Starting with a fade in intro and goes over with all the instruments at once (including vocals). "Blowtorch slaughter" is awesome. Great riffs and kick ass vocals all at once. The two ending songs is pretty okay not the best songs ever but pretty damn good.

The only thing that sucks a little bit about this album is the drummming. Its the same shit all the time. He doesnt have alot of rolls and shit like that. They should have had Nick Barker to play for them, then C.C would have been perfect. Overall this album is Awesome. The sound is great too. If you are going to buy your first C.C album, then it should be this! I strongly recommend it.

P.S Fisher is WAY better than Barnes.